Products / Rollforming line with cardan systems for profile protection highway

The line consist from:
  • Decoiler, straightening machine, punching for holes, rollforming machine with colding-emulsion section, hydraulic shear, drop table and operation control panel.
Technical description
  • Capacity of decoiler: 6.000kg
  • Max sheet width: 550mm
  • Internal diameter of roll: 480-650mm
  • Power input of line: 58 kW
  • Speed: ~ 20 m/min
  • Longitudal cutoff tolerance: ±1mm
  • Sheet thickness: 3 mm
  • Number of stations: 17
  • Diametar of working shafts: 70mm
  • Material of working shafts: 42CrMo4 28 HRC
  • Material of blades: X210Cr12 58-60 HRC
  • Material of tools: 42CrMo4 nitriding 64HRC
  • Power transmission: cardan system
  • Type of cutting: hydraulic shear
  • Operation Control Panel: PLC SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, SIEMENS