Products / Slitting line and cut-to-length line

The line consist from:
  • Decoiler with hydraulic coil car, straightening machine,circular blades shear,shear for cross cutting, two side scarp winder, moving transmission platform, pneumatic felt brake tightens, recolier with hydraulic coil car and operation control panel.
Technical parameters:
  • Capacity of decoiler and hydraulic coli car: 10.000- 15.000kg
  • Max sheet width: 1.600mm
  • Internal diameter of ro11:480-750mm
  • Capacity of recolier and hydraulic coli car: 10.000kg
  • Internal diameter of recolier:508mm
  • Power imput of line: 58KW
  • Speed 10-50m/min
  • Amplitude cutoff tolerance:0,05mm
  • Parallel of cutting:0,1mm/m
  • Longitudinal cutoff tolerance: +/- 1mm
  • Sheet thickness:0,2-3mm
  • Diameter of working shear shafts: 175mm
  • Number of working shafts of straightening: 5+4
  • Diameter of working shafts of straightening: 120mm
  • Material of working shafts:42CrMo4 28 HCR
  • Material of blades :X 155CrVMo 12-1 58-60 HRC
  • Max number of strips:45(thickness 0,05mm)
  • Min cutting width:20mm